About Freeway

The Freeway Philosophy

The world of localization is undergoing a transformation.  New internet technologies, broader language sets, and exponential increases in content require new thinking and new approaches to meeting your localization needs.  Lionbridge anticipated this transition and began developing a fully web-architected solution in 2005 with the acquisition of Logoport.  Since then, we have taken the core functionality and expanded it to cover translation memory, terminology management and even machine translation. With Freeway, we have added the collaborative and connectivity elements required to thrive in an on-demand, streaming content environment. As projects increase in frequency and complexity but shrink in discrete size, the team at Lionbridge is able to respond because of the unique characteristics of the Freeway production platform.  Whether it is engaging hundreds of translators using a common glossary and real-time TM reconciliation or providing instant summary reports of your spend year to date across a dozen departments, Freeway is the engine enabling Lionbridge’s migration to a true managed services model.

About Freeway

Freeway is Lionbridge’s online service delivery platform.  Access to Freeway’s collaboration features and language technology is free for Lionbridge clients and translators.  Using Freeway, our clients can initiate and track translation projects, collaborate with their project teams, manage linguistic assets, and generate enterprise budget and status reports.
Built upon the Logoport language management system, Freeway can support thousands of concurrent users ensuring greater productivity and consistency among your project teams.  Freeway is an on-demand, web application enabling immediate addition of new users and simultaneous release of new features to all users.

Freeway Functionality

  • Portal and Collaboration – Online environment for you to submit projects, track status, obtain reports and share knowledge among team members.  Your Lionbridge Project Manager is working in the same system ensuring smooth file transfers and real-time access to production information, queries, terminology, and our quality review portal.
  • Language Asset Management (Logoport™) – Centralized, internet-enabled language asset management system with Translation Memory, Glossary and Machine Translation capabilities. Logoport stores translation memories and glossaries in secure, central repository and supports thousands of concurrent users. Logoport enables efficient management and sharing of translation memories and glossaries across products, divisions, and functional groups of a client company.
  • Web Services Connectivity – Connecting your CMS to Freeway via web services eliminates the manual steps associated with initiating a project and provides the fastest possible turn around time from creation to translation to global publishing.
  • Workflow and Repository – With the Logoport foundation, Freeway serves as your hosted language asset repository.  Because the content stays within the Lionbridge architecture and not physically downloaded to translator desktops, there is greater security than with traditional systems.  In addition, Freeway provides true workflow capabilities for our project management and translator teams ensuring the fastest delivery times possible for your projects.

Top 5 Reasons to Get on Freeway:

1)      It is free
2)      You can connect right away, nothing to download, nothing to install, no need to call IT
3)      All of your localization files stored in one secure location, no more FTPs and eMails (unless you really want them)
4)      Your budget is better spent covering more languages and more content, not on tools
5)      Thousands of users are already on Freeway working faster than you are today

Accessing Freeway:

To get started using Freeway, simply complete this request form and one of our customer service representatives or vendor managers (for translators) will be in touch shortly with your login name and password.

Open Source Licenses Used in Freeway:

Freeway utilizes the following products with Open Source licenses:



ASP.NET MVC 2 and 3      Microsoft Public License (MSPL)
ASP.NET MVC 4 Apache License 2.0
MVCContrib Grid Apache License 2.0
StructureMap Apache License 2.0
jQuery distributed under MIT and GNU GPL http://jquery.org/license
NVelocity Apache License 2.0
Freeway™ is a trademark of Lionbridge in the USA and other countries.